About myself

I began to crave color when I was a child, when I was engaged in painting lessons at an art school. However, this traction has become particularly acute after the institute, which I graduated from, not at all in an artistic – legal specialty. Developing my abilities, I was engaged in drawing and painting in the studio of Sergey Atavin, various creative master classes, teaching in the school of style with Ekaterina Dzeman, and art studio Lyubov Mikhailovna Popova.

What really fascinated me – I saw that color can tell a lot not only about appearance, but also the character of a person. Gradually, starting from color typing, I came to my own understanding. In shades nuances are very important – transparency, dullness, depth, muffled, etc. Such nuances of an individual palette can be seen only when the colors (color cards for testing) are drawn by hand. It is in these nuances lies the link between the character of a person and his appearance. In one color matte, smoky, calm, soft – a man is calm, deep, delicate. Another shade of contrast, beating, as boiling energy of the person himself. At the third – transparent, sunny, which reflects the carelessness and easy disposition.

My passion led me to Lyubov Popova’s studio, where I was able not only to get confirmation of my intuitive perception, but also to develop this skill.

In the Color In Me project, I would like to share amazing discoveries not only about the nature of color, but also of the person himself:

what does appearance say
how to show your inner and outer individual traits through color and style,
as the appearance of a particular person is connected with the surrounding nature, the works of artists, architects, designers.
But the most important discoveries were for me the discoveries about divine creation:

according to some amazing laws, man and his appearance are created,
as a person’s appearance is connected with other creations of nature and art,
how and in what is manifested the uniqueness and diversity of this world.
To search and select your colors, elements of style means to turn to your inner feelings, recognize yourself and understand, and then express in space.

We live in a difficult time – the abundance in diversity and the spread of technology lead a person away from the feeling and understanding of his own essence, other people and nature. The amount of stress, feelings and uncertainty to a greater extent indicates how far a person has moved away from his true nature. In order to return to yourself, it is necessary to again pay attention to yourself, other people, art and nature. After all, this is where there are more answers than you can imagine. It is enough to begin to understand again the language in which the real, and not virtual reality surrounding us speaks with us.