Face Analysis

Personal style is a reflection of a particular personality, individuality. No stylist can create a personal style for another person. Only a person himself can truly express himself, becoming an interesting and developed person.

However, the search for one’s personality can be begun with an analysis of one’s appearance: its forms, colors, lines, and proportions. First you need to understand yourself and realize as part of the nature of this world. After all, the appearance of a person has a structure inherent in any natural object. For example, the cat is characterized by a smooth gait, smooth hair, sharp claws. Similar signs in her appearance distinguish her from the dog. So everyone has their own unique features.

From the 70s of the 20th century, Western stylists and colorists actively began to study the color of the exterior. Various theories of color types were developed that divided people into winter-summer-spring-autumn categories in various variations. There were also such stylists who began to see the relationship between the character of the person (as a kind of archetype) and the color of the exterior.

Continuing to study the theme of personal color and style, taking into account existing ideas, I came to understand the following things:

1. The appearance of a person is subject to the laws of harmony of this world. Colors that are in harmony with the appearance, fit into a certain system of colors. Intuitively similar coloristic color systems (tsvetogammy) are reproduced in their works by artists, architects, designers. For the basis of inspiration is nature, and all its phenomena are subject to the same laws.
2. In the appearance of a man is not accidental. All elements (shape, line, color) are interrelated. The color of appearance is associated with specific forms, proportions, lines of the face and all this expresses something united.
3. Appearance, as a kind of natural structure is reflected in many of the once embodied ideas (images) of artists, designers, architects. Therefore, the appearance of a particular person will be in harmony with a certain style, color, once created and expressed in various forms.
4. Color has a deep (intangible) nature, which goes beyond the limits of ordinary (materialistic) understanding, and can also tell about the character and qualities of a person.
5. Characteristics of the color is much more than 3 common (lightness, brightness and tone). They play the importance of nuances – haze, transparency, highlight, blurring, etc. Such an individual characteristic will be peculiar to a specific personal palette.
When choosing items of clothing and interior, a person is subjective and subconsciously prefers those similar to himself (harmonious colors of appearance, form, etc.)
Examples of analysis of personal palettes:

It was surprising to find that all shades in tsvetogamme had some similar characteristics. For example, in the Darya palette, all colors were slightly muffled, as in the evening light. Violet, reddish-purple, turquoise, dark green, reddish-brown tones prevailed.

Даша (3)A similar color to gamma can be seen, for example, from the artist Filiks Valloton. It cannot be said that this palette says that Daria’s personality and her characteristic states correspond to the states reflected in these paintings, but still I think you can see some part of her herself. Pink-beige surrounded by turquoise, purple-blue, dark green speaks of subtle feelings, vulnerable, reverent, thoughtful, slightly exciting nature.Ира (1)Irina’s palette is completely different. It has a lot of grayish, steel shades. All color palettes contain gray pigment. Such shades can be seen in Baroque paintings. There will certainly be such qualities as strength, coolness, easy arrogance, somewhere deliberately. The energies of red are contained – the mind controls the emotions. But powdery pink speaks of the sensuality, trembling, and seductiveness of this young woman.Карина (1)Karina’s palette reminds of hot exotic countries, the ocean and the sparkling underwater world with bright colors. The palette is light and lively, all colors are transparent and as if illuminated from the inside. Lots of yellow turquoise, pinkish and purple-blue. In this palette of shades, carelessness, lightness, joy are seen, and the bright and pronounced ultramarine speaks of the magnetic and attractive properties of this girl, as if we are confronted by a nymph or a forest fairy.

The discovery for me was the understanding that the palette of each was unique and different from the others. The theory of color types, although it was reflected and coincidence in some colors, was absolutely unable to convey important individual characteristics.

Palettes and colors were only the beginning in the desire to know the nature of man. At some point, I began to see the relationship of things – it was no coincidence that a person had certain facial features, eye, hair, skin, body structure. All this, as it turned out, was the means by which nature expressed the non-material essence of man: his qualities, temperament, energy.

Alena 2Putting all these factors to me, it was quite obvious that this was a certain code that was both simple and extremely complex, but which was incredibly curious to me. I saw how different we are, how we look at the world differently, literally, as if through some kind of filters. This knowledge opened for me the diversity of the world, its uniqueness and perfection. Each natural object has its own uniqueness, beauty and purpose. This is how a person and all his qualities that must be accepted and appreciated as part of nature and this beautiful and unique world.