Personal Color Palettes

Personal palette is an individually selected range of colors for the appearance of a person (the color of eyes, hair, skin).

With the help of a personal palette, a person will be able to quickly and accurately determine the choice of shades suitable for him.
The colors of the palette will easily fit and match with each other.
The palette will allow you to create your own unique style in the wardrobe, interior, brand products, creativity.
Involuntarily, on a subconscious level, a person in his life surrounds himself with shades of his natural color range (range of his appearance). They are especially pleasant for him. After all, it is in these shades that its energy, temperament and the very mental structure of the personality are reflected. There is nothing internal that is not reflected in the external, and vice versa. It is enough to pay attention to the people around us. Confirmation can be seen everywhere (in art, literature, physiognomy). The world around us is the world of natural structures (animals, plants, people).

Даша1  Даша2

Карина1  Карина7

The selection of a personal palette can be not only a practical tool for creating a harmonious interior and wardrobe, but also helps you to see and understand yourself more deeply, especially your character and personality.

The method of determining personal palette is double:

1) Based on the catalog of the universal system Pantone (the most recognized in the world, which is guided by world experts in the field of color, design and fashion). It gives a wide choice of shades (more than 1800), makes it easy to find the color and its combinations by the identification number on the Internet.


2) Based on the drawn color cards (which allow you to determine the finest nuances of color that cannot be seen in printed samples).

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Personal palette allows you to define the entire range of shades suitable to the exterior. Our natural color is our energy and the harmonious space that reflects ourselves. Unlike color typing, the personal palette takes into account the individual characteristics of the appearance of a particular person, his personal energy and character.